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The Genesis of the Shammgod

February 11, 2019 AT 12:00 AM

A truly divine move

After a brief period of obscurity in the early 2000s, the Shammgod move is experiencing a resurgence in recent times with its implementation by modern floor generals such as Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul. Just what is this move and why is it so special?

The move was coined after its inventor, the wondrously-named God Shammgod. A ball-handling prodigy out of basketball’s Mecca in New York City, Shammgod was a McDonald’s All-American at La Salle Academy who played alongside Ron Artest and who Kobe Bryant credits for his own handles. At Providence, Shammgod put his eponymous move on the big stage, throwing the ball out before snatching it back with the off-hand to leave Mike Bibby’s Arizona team helpless.

Despite enjoying only a brief 20-game stint in the NBA with the Washington Wizards, the dribbling savant has gone down in basketball history as millions all over the world imitate his move. In Europe, a few basketball legends came out with the move independently as well, most notably Dejan Bodiroga who became one of the best European players ever.

Many NBA players still bring up Shammgod’s name when they talk about the best ball-handlers of all-time. Today, Shammgod has parlayed his famous moves into a coaching career, first educating future NBA players like Kris Dunn and Bryce Cotton at his alma mater Providence, before signing on as a player development coach with the Dallas Mavericks to teach young guards such as Dennis Smith Jr. and Luka Doncic. 

Perhaps because of its catchy name, the move has gained immense popularity, drawing a huge reaction from the crowd whenever it is pulled off. God Shammgod himself has stated that the move is deadly because of the possibly endless variants, many of which have yet to see daylight. With the originator of the move back in the NBA, we expect to see even more instances and variations of the move in the League’s highlight reels.

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