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What's in a Name: Nick Young

August 20, 2018 AT 12:00 AM

Just like they once did on the playgrounds of famed streetball courts, the best players are rewarded with stylish nicknames reflecting their game or their personality. This regular column takes a look at some of the best monikers in the League and how they were earned.

Nickname: ‘Swaggy P’

Player: Nick Young (Shooting guard, Golden State Warriors)

The Story: Nick Young is possibly the most flamboyant member formerly from the Golden State Warriors and has a nickname to match. The 32-year-old is a wildly-talented scorer who has built a career out of his ability and willingness to hit a variety of tough, contested shots.

His quick trigger and penchant for difficult moves have earned him more than a few points in the NBA, and made him a cult favorite among basketball fans. Following a successful collegiate career at USC, the 6-foot-7 Young declared for the 2007 NBA Draft, where he was picked in the first round by the Washington Wizards. Over the years, the single-minded scoring machine has plied his trade for a number of teams looking to bolster their offense and is currently looking to wind down his career with the Warriors.

Off the court, Nick Young is all about style as well, as one of the flashier dressers in the League. Coupled with his big personality and wide smile, he embodies the modern-day vernacular of ‘swag’, with his charismatic confidence and his free-spirited game. In characteristic fashion, ‘Swaggy P’ refuses to divulge what the ‘P’ represents, in adding a sense of mystery. As long as he keeps putting points up on the board in such an entertaining manner, Warrior fans will be glad to have him keep his secret.

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