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The Most Memorable All-Star Game Performances

April 13, 2019 AT 12:00 AM

A star among stars

The NBA All-Star Game is a highlight of every year, serving as a mid-season milestone that is the subject of much fan anticipation. It is little wonder that the game is so popular, as it features the League’s best players, who have managed to distinguish themselves among similarly talented peers. Even within these line-ups, there are always a few legends who manage to shine more brightly, leaving unforgettable memories for those fans lucky enough to have witnessed these games.

1988: Michael Jordan has an undeniable place at the pinnacle of professional hoops, but even he had to establish himself once upon a time. His Airness dominated proceedings in 1988, winning a second consecutive Slam Dunk title, the Most Valuable award and the Defensive Player of the Year award. Of course, Jordan had to complete the quartet by clinching the All-Star Game MVP award with a dominant 40-point outing. After this season, there was no longer any doubt as to who would be running the League for the foreseeable future. 

1992: The ever-popular Magic Johnson managed to get voted into the All-Star Game despite retiring before the season started, and the charismatic floor general did not disappoint. He led his team to the win with his trademark passing as well as some uncharacteristic marksmanship from deep, leaving fans clamoring for more.

2003: A decade and a half after his coming-out party, Michael Jordan had a fitting last hurrah. Despite being already 40 years of age at that point, Jordan mustered up another of his famous clutch performances as he led his team in a valiant comeback effort. Although his contributions were eventually not enough to win the game, it was an impressive way for the legend to go out, with every point etched in the hearts of NBA fans.

2017: In a fitting tribute to the pace-and-space era of basketball, the two All-Star teams crushed every record in the book as they combined to tally almost 400 points in a single game. No one contributed more to the cause than Anthony Davis, who handily smashed a 55-year record from Wilt Chamberlain by dropping 52 points, including 20 points in a single quarter.
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