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The End of an Era: Jamal Crawford

May 08, 2018 AT 12:00 AM

Basketball in the NBA is a game of heroes and legends, inspiring their loyal fans. As the dust sets on a generation of superstars, it’s time to reminisce about their exploits and legacies.

Spotlight on: Jamal Crawford

The legacy: The man known as ‘J Crossover’ is known for two things – being a professional scorer, and being a professional scorer with more style than just about anyone in the League. With his uncannily smooth handles and the ease with which he stops on a dime for shots, it is hard to think of any player who can stop Crawford from getting buckets. 

Evolution of his game: Young Jamal Crawford was all flashy moves and isolation plays. With top-level athleticism, he thrived on blowing by his man and scoring on all kinds of wild shots. As his game developed, however, he learned to control his talents and play more within the flow of the offense, often coming off down screens to hit his deadly outside shot. He eventually became one of the most feared sixth men in the NBA, with his ability to heat up in a hurry. The crazy shots never stopped dropping for the Minnesota Timberwolves veteran; he simply learned to pick his spots.

Most memorable moments: You could pick numerous examples of his immense scoring talents. Some would point to the 50-point games with multiple teams, show that he can score not just against any opponents, but also with any teammates. Or you could look at the unattainable four-point play record he holds, doubling the amount of his nearest competitor. It is a tough choice but it is equally hard to argue against his shake-and-bake move in transition. A blur of intricate ball-handling moves and body fakes reminiscent of a world-class dancer, the 37-year-old leaves defenders in a complete daze every time he pulls out his signature move.

Article written by Wong Chin Yi. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the NBA.

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