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How To: Score Easy Baskets, Part I

March 16, 2019 AT 12:00 AM

Keeping it simple

Putting the ball in the basket can appear outrageously simple for some gifted scorers, with the scoring touch to hit seemingly any shot from any angle. For the rest of us mere mortals however, we may not be able to get onto the scoring sheet at the start of our playing careers, and it can become a mental block as we struggle to break the drought. Here are some ways to earn some easy baskets.

Catch-and-shoot: Although we may not be the focal point of our team’s offense, this can serve as an advantage. As your star teammate draws defensive attention, you can position yourself further out for better spacing. This will allow you to take open jumpers if the defense collapses on your teammate.

Backdoor cuts: Alternatively, if your defender is too eager to help on your teammate’s drive, you can simply cut backdoor. The defender is often unable to keep his or her eyes on you and the ball at the same time, if you are in opposite directions. This can give you an easy shot at the rim. 

Layups: These can seem like a difficult way to score if you are inexperienced. However, if you have the requisite core strength and footwork, you can usually dip your shoulders and drive in via your dominant side. You can use your upper body to prevent the defender from affecting your shot, although you may have to finish from a little further out. 

Free throws: If this shot is too difficult to hit on a consistent basis, you can still earn points on the drive by going hard at your defender. This can help you to draw shooting fouls, granting you the easiest shot in the game – the uncontested free throw.

Reverse layups: Another way of cutting off your defender is to use the rim. By going for the reverse layup, your shot will likely face reduced defensive pressure, even if you are going up against athletic shot-blockers. This can be used on backdoor cuts as well. 

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