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How-to: Play the Low Post Game

April 01, 2019 AT 12:00 AM

Tips for dominating the paint

With the game of basketball becoming more perimeter-oriented than ever before, some young post players are understandably concerned about a possible reduced role on offense. Instead of taking it negatively however, you can exploit this by working on your low post game and dominating against teams that choose to adopt a ‘small ball’ strategy. Here are some tips on improving your post offense.

High: If you play in the post, you generally have a height advantage against other players. To take full advantage of this, an experienced post player catches the pass high, with his or her arms extended. You have to work on finishing moves that allow you to release the ball high too, such as a hook shot. By not bringing the ball down low, you are able to pull off a more efficient move that maximizes your advantage.

No dribbles: In accordance with the following point, you give up your advantage if you dribble the ball as well. Dribbling requires you to bring the ball low and allows smaller players to disrupt your moves. This slows you down as you have to pay attention to both the primary defender and the help defense coming from different directions. In addition, keeping your dribble allows you to have more options in terms of countermoves if the defense plays you one way.

Patience: Instead of making a move immediately, an experienced post player will choose to wait for the defense to commit. If the guard does not double down, you have an easier scoring opportunity. If the double team comes, you can set up your teammates too. You can also ask your guard to cut away from the ball to create space for you before you take your defender on.

Passing: The willingness and ability to pass the ball is crucial to scoring in the paint. Many post scorers develop tunnel vision once they receive the ball, and are fixated on scoring. This allows guards to double down and disrupt the move, or for the interior weakside defender to rotate over and affect the shot. By passing the ball well, the secondary defender will be wary of committing early.

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