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Avoiding Red Flags in Team Chemistry

February 10, 2019 AT 12:00 AM

How to spot the teammate that no one wants to play with

Team chemistry is a wonderful and sometimes mysterious entity. It is at times difficult to say whether a team will fit together and maximize their talents, or fall apart under the weight of their egos. Having said this, there are certain red flags which indicate that someone is just not a fun teammate to play with. To all the young players out there: try not to be that guy!

Ego: Some players are so self-important that there is no room for improvement or for teammates. These players may sometimes be skilled, but their complacency and arrogance stop them from working on their game. They often think they are better than they really are, and their self-importance can freeze out teammates on and off the court.

Accountability: A good teammate never plays the blame game. A bad teammate, on the other hand, is quick to point fingers whenever something goes wrong, instead of owning up and taking responsibility for their mistakes. Practices may not be a top priority in their lives, and this attitude can be reflected in a less-than-effortful on-court performance as well.

All about me: On every good team, there is at least a couple of ‘glue guys’ holding together the locker room, while on every bad team, there are locker room disasters. A bad teammate cares more about scoring and their own stat line than winning, is obsessed with playing time and may only pass the ball as a last resort. By putting their desires before the needs of the team, they can only lead the team to defeat.

Sportsmanship: As we grow up playing the game, we start to realize that the best players usually have the best sportsmanship while middling players show little respect. If a player spends more time arguing with his or her teammates, coaches, referees and opponents than on defense, it is a sure sign that this is not someone you want on your squad.

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