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How to: Shoot the Basketball

December 21, 2018 AT 12:00 AM


Becoming the newest Splash Bro

Basketball used to be the domain of giants, with most points scored near the basket. This was considered the easier and more efficient to score, but the blossoming of shooting savants such as Stephen Curry has brought a new era, where shooting the ball from distance has become the modus operandi of most NBA teams. 

With the renewed importance of this skill, every player is hoping to hone their outside stroke. Although there is no substitute for repetition and muscle memory in perfecting your jumper, there are a few tips that can increase your shooting percentage.

Arc: Too many players shoot the ball directly at the rim, in a straight line. You should shoot the ball upward instead of forward, allowing the ball to fall naturally through the net. The reason is simple: there are more angles for the ball to enter through the top than from the sides. The further your shot, the higher the arc should be.

Follow-through: Holding the follow-through allows a shooter to have a more consistent motion each time, by going through a complete range of motion. This also emphasizes that the shot should be a single motion, instead of a two-step gather and flick that can result in excessively forceful shots.
Backspin: By working on the rotation of the ball, you will have a softer shooting touch. Backspin causes the ball to lose momentum when it comes into contact with the rim. Thus, shots are more likely to bounce or drop through the hoop, rather than clanking off the iron.

Seams: Finding the seams of the basketball generally helps you to have better control. However, this can sometimes slow down your release, and it is thus necessary to practice this motion as well.
Warm-up: It is tempting but ill-advised to start your warm-ups by gunning away from three-point territory. By starting your warm-ups close to the basket, you are able to work on your form and consistency, while getting used to having the ball swish effortlessly through the net.

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