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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Help and Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Help and Support

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The Jr. NBA, the league’s global youth basketball program for boys and girls, teaches the fundamental skills as well as the core values of the game at the grassroots level to help grow and improve the youth basketball experience for players, coaches and parents in Asia. The program also instills the Jr. NBA’s core values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, a positive Attitude, and Respect (S.T.A.R.), while teaching the importance of leading healthy and active lifestyles. The Jr. NBA program is free across all stages.

The Jr. NBA program provides youth in South East Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore) the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, for all to learn about Basketball and share their passion for the game, no matter what their level of experience is. Although the program structure varies across countries, here are some of the activities that the Jr. NBA offers:

 • Clinics – 1-2 hours Basketball activities, for kids to learn about Basketball based on their age/skills level

 • Country Camps – 1-2 days events, where participants take part in Basketball skills challenges and games. Top performing participants or invited athletes are selected to become Jr. NBA All-Stars and participate in further stages of the program. 

 • Jr. NBA Global Championship Asia Pacific Selection Camp - a 2-day event that will feature top youth players from the region. The top performing 10 boys and 10 girls will represent Asia Pacific in the Jr. NBA Global Championship. 

 • Jr. NBA Global Championships – The Jr. NBA Global Championship is an annual youth basketball tournament for the top boys and girls teams from around the world. In 2019, the Championship takes place in Orlando, Florida, in the United States.

The Jr. NBA Global Championship features teams of boys and girls from eight U.S. regional tournaments (Central, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, South, Southeast and West) and teams of boys and girls representing eight international regions (Africa, Asia Pacific, Canada, China, Europe & Middle East, India, Latin America, and Mexico).

Willing participants should create an account on the official Jr. NBA Asia website and register to their desired event by clicking on “Event” under the “Jr. NBA Events” tab. Please note that event registrations typically open one month prior to events. For the latest information related to event schedules and registration in your country, please refer to the relevant Facebook page below:

Go to and go to the “Registration” page. Choose the activity you are interested in and follow the instructions.

Interested participants can register on-site at the Jr. NBA (country) Camp. A parent/guardian is required to accompany the participant to sign the waiver. For the Jr. NBA (country) Camp, participants must bring the following documents: • photocopy of National Identification Card • photocopy of the birth certificate AND school ID (if country has no National Identification Card system) • completed registration form • signed waiver
No, the Jr. NBA Global Championship Asia Pacific Selection Camp is only for the top 5 boys and 5 girls advancing from the Jr. NBA Camp of their country.
Participant eligibility is subject to change for our 2020 Jr. NBA Asia Program. Please stay tuned for more information on next year’s program. Event Jr. NBA (country) Camp Jr. NBA Global Championship Asia Pacific Selection Camp Jr. NBA Global Championship (U.S.) Participants Skills Challenge is Open to all kids. Top 50 boys and 50 girls to qualify for All-Stars selection As many as five boys and five girls from country camps (Jr. NBA All-Stars) 10 boys and 10 girls representing Asia Pacific team Required Documents • Signed parental consent form by parent/guardian • Medical certificate stating player is fit and cleared to participate • Valid passport TBC
No, you do not need any Basketball knowledge. The open clinics and accredited clinics are designed to teach basketball fundamentals and core values of the game to boys and girls.
In some countries, yes. Official partners of Jr. NBA may set up interactive booths and on-court activities open to the public.
No, but they need to be invited by the Jr. NBA head coach in the country and participate in the train-the-trainers program to be able to conduct accredited clinics and help coach in the events.
Jr. NBA uniforms are not for sale. In select countries, limited number of uniforms are given out free of charge to participants of the program. Interested participants are expected to come in sports attire (shirt, shorts, socks and rubber shoes), with girls advised to wear inner shirts underneath jerseys.
No. All equipment in the basketball clinic will be provided by Jr. NBA.
Food and water are not provided to the participants of the Jr. NBA (country) Camp. It is highly recommended that participants eat a hearty meal and prepare their own snacks and water prior to joining the aforementioned Jr. NBA events.
Yes. There will be a First Aid station set up to provide participants with basic medical assistance throughout the entire duration of the event.


You can register online by visiting or by contacting our Indonesian event agency- Cantrik at +62 899-9161-850 (Rudy Sofiyen).
Jr. NBA Coaches Academy workshops are free to participate.
PE teachers, basketball teachers and any other teachers interested in learning the fundamentals of teaching of basketball
You will be contacted before the event you’ve registered for.
Yes. As part of the welcome pack you will receive training materials, a basketball. You will also be served lunch during the day of training.
You will learn how to teach the fundamentals of basketball using Jr. NBA standards and how to make it fun. You will also be taught how to utilize the Jr NBA Teacher’s Curriculum to further your teaching skills.
Even if you participated in previous workshops you may participate again as our teachers provide fresh content every session.
Some elements of the Curriculum training can be used for online or virtual training. We also hope we will be able to return to physical training in the future.
Normally you would have been notified about the workshop through your school and need to obtain a permission to attend especially if the workshop coincides with your school duties.
Yes. They will be required to register as well.
Yes. They will be required to register as well.


No, Jr. NBA Coaches Academy-Online is free. Participants simply need to register for the workshop.
Participants are required to register on our website or with our Indonesian event agency, Cantrik at +62 882-9396-1256 (Rudy Sofiyen).
For the best viewing experience, we recommend using a computer. However you may also access the workshop through your smartphone.
Yes. For the best viewing experience, we recommend using a computer. However you may also access the workshop through your smartphone.
Yes. However, you will not be able to view the instructional and training videos which are important parts of the training experience.
The Jr. NBA Coaches Academy-Online will provide teachers with the tools necessary to teach the fundamentals of basketball using Jr. NBA standards and how to make it fun. Participants will also learn how to utilize Jr NBA Teacher’s Curriculum to further your teaching skills.
No, you will not require a basketball.
Most of the session will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia. Select parts of the session will be in English, and the most important portions will be translated.
Yes, you will be provided a digital certificate.
Recording of the session will be made available at
Yes. Anyone interested in learning how to teach basketball may attend.
Currently Jr. NBA Coaches Academy-Online sessions are only offered to teachers based in Indonesia.

Jr. NBA Teachers corner

Jr. NBA Teachers corner
The Jr. NBA Teacher’s Corner App is a dedicated platform designed to support P.E. teachers with their basketball lessons. Through the app, teachers can access hundreds of skills and drills videos that can be used in their classes, ranging from primary school to high school. There is also a dedicated ‘Curriculum” section where teachers can access full lesson plans designed specifically for P.E. teachers in Asia.

During our Jr. NBA Coaches Academy workshops, teachers will have the opportunity to learn more about Jr. NBA programs and opportunities through the app.
The Jr. NBA Teachers Corner is available on both Android and iOS. Simply search for “Jr. NBA Teachers Corner” in the Google Play Store or App Store.
Curriculum - Access all the curriculum material available in an easy-to-use format specifically designed for teachers in schools.
Competitions - Every year, teachers from Asia will have the opportunity to be involved in International Jr. NBA events. They will earn eligibility through participation in the Jr. NBA Coaches Academy and subsequently through reporting their in-school basketball lessons. This is done through our app. If you want to be eligible, you will need to use the app.
- Reporting your lessons during our Jr. NBA Coaches Academy program
- View curriculum videos from our library
- Communicate with your local teachers in your region
- View full lesson plans in our Jr. NBA Asia Curriculum
- Find out more about the Jr. NBA program in Asia
No. Sign-up for Jr. NBA Coaches Academy events is done through our website:
Yes, but you should first contact your local Jr. NBA Teachers to help with setting up login information. Your local teacher will be identified at our Jr. NBA Coaches Academy event and will work with you.
Anybody who teaches basketball at a school can use the Jr. NBA Teacher’s Corner app.
Yes. Through Teacher reporting after our Jr. NBA Academy events, teachers can be eligible for selection to our Jr. NBA International events as well as other smaller prizes.
Our website is the home for all things Jr. NBA. You will find information on events, videos, competitions and curriculum material. On the website, you can also find a fully functioning Jr. NBA Asia Curriculum as well as many other curriculum materials.

The Jr. NBA Teacher’s Corner app is a dedicated platform for teachers only and is the only way to report school lessons and basketball participation for eligibility to our International Jr. NBA events. It is also the easiest way to access curriculum lessons on your smartphone when preparing to deliver classes in schools.