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Which Team Should You Play For?

Which type of defense do you like to play?

Man to Man
Zone Defense
Box 1
Pack Line Defense

Which type of offense do you like to play?

Pass the ball around to take the best shot
Focus on shooting
Isolation play
Pass and cut

Your team is tied in a close game. What do you do?

Trust the best player on my team to score and win the game
Draw up a play to get the best shot possible
Use a 2 man game to win
Call isolation, I will win the game for my team

What is your team's biggest strength?

Hitting the big time shots in clutch time
Free Throws
Defensive Rebounding
High shooting percentage

If you had a choice, which city would you prefer?

Los Angeles

Which NBA division conference would you play in?

Southwest Division
Central Division
Pacific Division
Northwest Division

What is your favourite color?


Which mascot would your team have?

No Mascot

What characteristic do you prefer on your team?

Superstar team
Grit and grind mentality
Hardworking individuals
All around balanced team

What sneaker would you rock on court?

Adidas Harden Vol. 5
Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low
Nike Greek Freak 2
Nike LeBron 17

Personality Quiz Result


Giannis Antetokounmpo

Kobe's greatest trait—his defining characteristic—has and always will be his force of will. He wants to be the best. He wants everyone to know he's the best and he'll do anything on Earth to remain tops in the game. He is in constant pursuit of basketball perfection.

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